Grief is an intense emotional feeling due to a loss of something or someone you dearly love. This is something that is too difficult to explain unless experienced. Grief is beyond sadness and sorrows that all mankind momentarily feel. Grief, unlike sadness, can not be hidden no matter what. It always manifests through action and words. No one wants to be enslaved by grief. Extreme grief may fall into depression. To avoid this, we should learn how to overcome grief caused by a loved one’s death or something we never want to lose in our life.

  1. Do not hurry in overcoming your grief. People have different personalities that can affect them in overcoming their grief. Some who have strong emotions may overcome it easier than those whose hearts are too weak.
  2. Seek comfort from somebody who you know can help you. Families and friends are there to comfort you in times of sorrows and troubles. It is always true that when you express your feeling to someone, your heart becomes lighter.
  3. Do not ignore the pain of grief. When something pricks you and you want to burst into tears, go on. It is not good to be forgetting it unnaturally because time will come when you will suffer for it.
  4. Always find way to be happy and joyful. Although you will not be joyful when grief sinks in, do not be disappointed. Play or go out for a tour if necessary. The more you want to forget, the more you grieve. For as long as you do not forget, you will never focus on full happiness. Don’t worry for that, do not give up your happiness.
  5. Do not neglect your faith. Your faith will surely be a great help for you. Pray continually and give thanks although this is something that is not easy to do.
  6. Accept little by little. No one accepts easily while the heart is grieving, but this is something that would help you get away from deep grief. When you start to accept, you will see things that would make you give thanks sincerely. Accept and you will realize things that would make you happy.