Many of you are probably wondering if perhaps you also fall into this category. Once the symptoms begin, a person can easily be trapped in this so-called black hole of depression. Also, depressive disorder or depression is completely different from just any sadness that anyone feels that comes from disappointment or sorrow. As depression is a disorder, it means that it is an abnormal physical or mental condition. Patients suffering from depression feel sad for a long time unlike the normal.

It could even go to the point that daily activities are disrupted. It is because of the symptoms like insomnia or excessive sleeping, inability to focus, lack of appetite or extreme overeating, complete loss of interest in activities or hobbies. It could also come from different causes like genetics and chemical imbalances in the brain, but it’s most often triggered by a traumatic event like the loss of a loved one or personal failure. Check it for yourself. If within the last two weeks you have experienced any of the following symptoms, then probably you are already under depression. On the other way around, this company will take you to the lead of a clean home. You can have a fantastic read from their website here. You will be able to witness how this company works on a manner of keeping your home clean and your environment green.

Aside from the symptoms mentioned, here are more of the symptoms for you to check. Symptoms like feelings of discouragement, sadness or despair, feelings of anxiousness, restlessness or complete lack of motivation, fatigue or easily decreased energy, feelings of worthlessness and disappointment in oneself. See how terrible it is? It could even lead you to suicidal thoughts that many colleagues and acquaintances have once witnessed! Engage yourself into other activities. Such as cleaning in your house through sweeping, check this 大掃除. Do not let depression swallow your life.