No one living on this earth wants to die. Everyone is seeking the way to live longer. Nobody is an exemption. Life is the most precious and valuable of all things. Majority of people are actually not living their dreams but are living their fear. Who can stop the power of death? Death has ruled over all people since the creation of the world. All mankind will end up dying. It is the reality and we cannot change this fate. There is a time to be born but there is a time to die also.


People are happy when someone is borne but in the same way, they grieve over someone when his life will be taken from him. Death is an undeniable truth. It is not death itself people fear but it is the end of life when they really realize that they never lived. When the time of end is close to them, the time to reflect over things is there. Reflecting over the things before, there might be many regrets.

The opportunities they did not grab when it is given. The risk they did not do because of fear. The dreams that they did not pursue. The love and care they did not appreciate and did not show. Yes, everyone will die. But life is not just the time you will born until the time you will die. There is a choice between the two. And how will you spend the time given to you? Will you just live without hope? Live your life to the fullest!