Our life is unstable. It is not always joyful. In fact, most of the time are sorrowful and painful. Of all things and treasures that will be taken from us, the loss of the lives of our loved ones is the most painful. How can we overcome our griefs and sorrows when they are not on our sides any longer? How can we live for the rest of our days without them? How can we go through our paths not being with them?

There is no right or wrong on how will someone cope with these feelings. Everyone has his own way to move on. And everyone has different strength to stand up because everyone has different depth of grief and sadness over the loss of someone. Grieving to loved ones is normal. How do you deal with it? To overcome grief and sadness takes time because it is a process. Grief in our life is unpredictable. You may feel better now but after a while, it is not.

It is painful but do not be afraid of the pain. You need to accept that it exists, that it is a part of your life. You need to make yourself happy. Do the things that will make you happy. Talk to someone. Do you want to be alone? You can do that. You know, when you are grieving, you will neglect to do the things you are doing before. It is not you yourself anymore. So you need to help yourself overcome. Be yourself again!