There is no deeper grief other than that of mother’s towards her offspring? Why is that? Science found out that the oxytocin that mother’s have in their brain is the love hormone that makes them love their young deeper than anyone else. When a woman becomes a mother, the oxytocin and other hormones involved in love works together so that she only thinks and love her offspring more than anything and anybody else on this earth. This is why the grief of losing their child is unfathomable.

In all religion, culture ans society, love is the basic principle of life. A grief mother loosing her child can never be compared to a grief a wife of husband loosing their partner. As time passes by, a wife or a husband would forget and pain eventually heals. However, a mother always feels pain over the lose of her child for the rest of her life. How many mothers would have never accepted the death of her child? We completely say that when we fall into grief, we have to overcome and forget. But why can a mother not forget her child? Until the end of her life, although acceptance is there in her heart, still her love is so deep that she never thinks of burying her child from memory. Although she tends to show that finally have gotten up from pain, pain is still there in her heart wherever she goes. How can we express the grief of a mother?

When children are still growing, they focus on opposite sex relationship. They believe that that is the real love they are seeking. They have no idea that what the are seeking for is the love of their mother that they have already tasted since the moment they were born. Only when they give birth to their children that they realize that the greatest love on earth is the love of their mother. Science proves that mother’s love is greater than that of father’s love. It is because the love hormones working together inside of a mother’s body is not found in father’s body. This is why the greatest grief of a mother is loosing her child. Her children is everything in her life.