There are many reasons why people grieve. The depth of grieve depends on how strong the relationship there is between people and how deeply they love something.

  • Death of a loved one

Death of a loved one can not be compared to any kind of grief. Death happens everywhere but at some point, people do not feel deep grief for everyone who dies. However, when it comes to the death of their loved one, they almost lose their senses.

  • Loss of Faith

Faith is one of the most valuable things for humans except for those who have no God in their heart. According to research of religion, many fall into grief when they lose their faith in God or if they suddenly feel emptiness knowing that they believe in God. According to many believers, they feel grieved that they lose their belief in their God due to the hypocrisy of their churches. Because of these, they leave their faith making their soul thirsty.

  • Health Problems

One can fall into grief knowing that her health is in a serious condition. What makes them grieve is that they did not value their health until they find out that they have a short time remaining. The moment they know their life limitation, they lose all hope. How sad!

  • Loss of Education

This usually occurs to the youths. It is believed that education is the hope of the youths. Naturally, youths grieve with the fear they will be left behind in their society. This happens especially when they do all their best to pursue their education when something unavoidable happens leaving their education unfinished.

  • Sudden Loss of a Job

Without job, how can we survive? We should eat and survive especially when we have children to feed or parents to support. How frustrating it would be when we face this kind of situation.

  • Driven from Home

Some people reject their family member with whatever reason they have. It is surprising that there are children who would drive their mother or their father rebelling against them. How painful the parents must have felt for these. Although things like these happen, the parent grieves not because she is driven away but because she parts with her children.